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Development of portfolio and acquisition strategy

For areas outside of your core business, we work with you to develop a suitable acquisition strategy with different options such as M&A, joint ventures, and cooperation models

M&A intelligence and technology/target screening

Together, we identify the blank spots in your portfolio based on technology roadmaps and prioritize ideas for new business areas based on feasibility and market attractiveness

Target evaluation and approach

We find and evaluate suitable candidates based on the known priorities and preferences and develop an approach logic individually tailored to each target

Approach, letter of intent and cornerstones of transaction

After declaring an interest in the acquisition, we define the cornerstones of a possible acquisition structure and develop first evaluation bandwidths culminating in a letter of intent.

Due diligence, deal design and price negotiations

The due diligence shows all risk factors of an acquisition and is the basis for the final price negotiations and the setup of the future shareholding structure as well as the structure of the integration roadmap.

Closing and preparation of integration

Closing is followed by the operative implementation of the developed 100-day plan and the development of a joint strategy together with the central leadership representatives of the target.