TRANSACTION ENGINEERS | Performance Optimierung und M&A
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Outside the box

The right analyses at the beginning, the constant search for the best process path, and striving for maximum efficiency, pay off in the end. No process is like the other, therefore each of our projects starts with a blank sheet of paper and the goal of an optimal solution.


A successful transaction requires a burning passion and the right gut feeling. In addition to all the necessary figures, data and facts, entrepreneurial intuition must never be ignored.


Successful transaction manufacturing means feasibility and implementation. We always question whether a transaction can be designed even more straightforward and purge M&A of everything that our clients do not need.

We specialize in strategic transactions for technology companies. The design in the early stages of a corporate transaction is crucial for the success of the implementation. We therefor see ourselves as Transaction Engineers.

Dr. Martin Aschenbach

Possenhofener Str. 38
D-82319 Starnberg

+49 (0) 89/242 969 328

Michael Santo

Neuturmstraße 5
D-80331 Munich

+49 (0) 89 / 242 969 43