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Advance value increase

Before a transaction, we develop a tailor-made program to increase the value of your company that increases the attractiveness for potential buyers significantly

Derivation of the buyer's universe

Derived from the economic logic of the sale and based on our industry expertise, we identify select interested parties with a possible strategic fit

Identification of desired partners

From the buyer's universe, we extract the 5-10 candidates with the highest possible willingness to pay and the best overall perspective

Direct approach with maximum discretion

The approach at top management level, assurance of confidentiality and signature of a first letter of intent by the prospective buyer are the basis for all subsequent steps

Structuring of transaction and exclusive negotiations

We coordinate the in-depth review (due diligence) by the buyer, structure the transaction, and lead the negotiations for you to agree on the final purchase price and determine the future shareholder structure

Closing and handover

We support you during signing, creation of the best prerequisites for closing, and the next steps for a successful handover